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Is the Future Limited? Not For Girls . . .

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By Khaliun

Last Friday, (the 13th!)   25 girls were selected to go to Oakton Community College to be part of the Future’s Unlimited field trip. Futures Unlimited provides a great experience for girls to learn that they have the same potential as the boys.   Our day began at 9 am when we boarded a bus to OCC. We immediately met as a group with 16 other schools from the area.  We had a complimentary breakfast of fruit and granola and assorted beverages, and then we listened to some panel speakers who spoke of empowering young girls into strong women.

 The message from all the speakers reminded us that girls should not be intimidated by males in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  After the discussion period, we all went into separate workshops.  I went into a workshop called “Animals Adaptation,” where I got to hold and (accidentally) drop a live snake!!!!!  Another workshop I went into was called Innovation….,” where I got to make a Brushbot (look it up).  For lunch we had a typical healthy meal of pizza, cookies and soda (ha ha). Our afternoon session consisted of questions and answers regarding STEM electives at the high school level.

 I had a really  blast of a time and I only wish I could go again!!!




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Is the Future Limited? Not For Girls . . .