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Public Service Announcements

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            Child abuse, animal cruelty, gun violence, suicide, Darfur; these are just some of the depressing topics being covered by the eighth graders in their Public Service Announcement project. At the end of the year, the eighth graders spit into to groups and prepare themselves for what’s ahead. Their task: create a PSA 60 seconds long that truly shows the horror of their topic and present it to the rest of the graduating class. Using the Internet, iMovie, and music the students work on creating something suitably shocking. The project is watched over and graded by the language arts teachers who lend advise and expertise where needed. In the end, there will be a mix of videos filmed by the eighth graders themselves, pictures, voice-overs, and text coming together into one PSA. The projects will be sent to the ad council after they are finished showing them to the whole eighth grade. The students will leave knowing they have accomplished something great.

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Public Service Announcements