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By: Citlaly

Zehra, Will,  and Yours Truly, interviewed our Spanish teacher and 8th grade volleyball coach, Mrs. Blakemore (our 7th grade volleyball coach, Mr. Pearson, decided to get in on the pic!) to get her thoughts about the 8th grade girls volleyball team. We asked her, “What is your favorite thing about volleyball?” She answered, “My favorite thing about volleyball is that I LOVE seeing the girls making progress with their volleyball skills.”  Well, we would love to see progress in our volleyball team and hope they win all of their games!  

Our second question was,  “Why did you choose to play volleyball?” And she answered,  “My mom played volleyball and signed me up to play volleyball when I was in the fourth grade, and from there on I enjoyed playing it.”  Finally, we asked, “Can you make a prediction of how many wins and loses the team will have?”  Her prediction: “I believe there will be 11 wins and 4 losses.”  

Good Luck Chippewa Volleyball Teams!


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Bump! Set! Spike!