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Hot Shot: The Man Who Invented Basketball

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basketballby Dhruti

When you first think of basketball who comes to  mind? You might think of Michael Jordan, Lebron James or Stephen Curry or others. But did you ever think of who invented basketball? Today I will tell you about the person who invented the game of basketball.

James Naismith was the man who invented basketball.

The first game of basketball was a huge disaster. It all started one day when Naismith had to come up with the idea to devise a new indoor activity for his gym class. He tried everything from getting his students bored but it didn’t really work. Naismith figured out it was time to try something new and fun. He used an old soccer ball and two teams of nine players each. He told his students the idea was to throw the ball into the opposing team’s peach basket. He blew the whistle and the first game of basketball began.

It didn’t go smoothly. Naismith’s players almost immediately started tackling each other – and worse. Two young men suffered black eyes.  Another was knocked out, and he had to pull players apart. Naismith thought: I didn’t have enough (rules), and that’s where I made my big mistake.  It appears that he wrote the new rules shortly after the first game, although the exact timeline isn’t clear. It continued to be modified and finally became the perfect game of basketball.

So this was how basketball was invented. The first attempts didn’t work out well, but after several attempts, it became one of the most popular sports in the world.naismith

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Hot Shot: The Man Who Invented Basketball