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How Many Of you Have Seen A Beluga Whale?

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By Diamond E

The 6th graders  went to the Shedd Aquarium on Thursday, January  12th. We all took buses to the museum. We got to sit with our friends and our teacher.  Everyone had to bring a sack lunch and we ate as soon as we got to the museum.   We all saw so many animals, it was amazing! Some of the animals we saw were, belugas, zebra mussels, and sea lampreys.  We didn’t see any sharks (bummer for me!)

Our class really enjoyed touching  the starfish.  Then we saw a show with dolphins and dogs and penguins. So when the dog walked, the dolphin tried to imitate the dog.  It was hysterical!! We had such a good time!

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How Many Of you Have Seen A Beluga Whale?