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What is North Korea Doing?

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By James P, World Events Reporter

North Korea launches many missiles, but most of them usually fail.  However, the latest one has gotten farther than any of the others.

North Korea launched a missile to challenge President Trump’s policy for trying to stop North Korea’s “nuclear ambitions.” But it was never going to hurt us because its tracking system allowed it to go only 310 miles toward Japan before it landed in the sea of Japan.

Japan is now 100% allied with the U.S because, Mr Abe, (Japan’s Prime Minister) said that, “North Korea’s most recent missile launch is absolutely intolerable.”  Now, North Korea has one less ally in the world.

North Korea claims that “they can test launch an ICBM anytime, anywhere.” (An ICBM is a missile that can go a minimum of 5,500 kilometers). But President Trump said on twitter, “That won’t happen!” South Korea and the U.S have agreed to deploy “an advanced American missile defense system known as Thaad,” in South Korea. 

So this war of words – and missiles – continues.

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What is North Korea Doing?