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“i’m lovin’ it” – The “New” and “Improved” McDonalds!

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By Carolinne and Juanita

McDonalds has added new items to their menu in hopes to boost up their sales.  Some of the new food items offered are:  

clean chicken nuggets” –  which are 100% white chicken meat, have no artificial flavors and colors, and the company’s own signature breading and seasoning.


New Big Macs – A “Grand Big Mac” has 2 times the meat, and costs more.  The “Mac Jr.” is a one patty Big Mac, and, still on the menu, is the regular ol’ Big Mac.  


Sweet potato fries –   Yup, orange in color, and still delicious!


Garlic fries –  Mixed with parsley, salt, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and garlic.  Don’t worry,  the original addicting French fries have not gone away!


Breakfast bowl – is a low fat egg white,  mixed with tomatoes, kale and spinach, and bruschetta and cheese.   Another bowl is a touch heartier.  It comes with chicken chorizo, eggs, shredded cheddar-jack cheese and pico de gallo.


Greek yogurt – McDonalds has replaced the current yogurt with Greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt is high in protein and low in carbs.


Southwest salad – Grilled chicken, fried corn, roasted tomato, black beans and poblano peppers, cheese and served over tortilla strips, and, to make you feel healthier, yes, it is served over lettuce.  
We would try the garlic fries and the “clean chicken nuggets.” So, what about you????

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“i’m lovin’ it” – The “New” and “Improved” McDonalds!