Final Thoughts on Entering the Next Step in Life

BalloonsAn Editorial by Dominika

In only a couple of weeks, Chippewa’s eighth graders will be leaving the school’s doors and entering a new milestone in our lives. We will enter our final stage of mandatory education, and as we leave the school once and for all and are no longer considered Chippewa’s students, a solemn atmosphere will cloud over our heads while still jubilant about what the future will serve us on a golden plate.

The great thing about Maine West (and Maine East) is the many different opportunities the high school presents to us, and I’m willing to spend my time there starting out with athletics and applying to their newspaper (hopefully they accept me!), along with finding many new friends and creating more memories, both good and bad.

As I continue through life, I would remember this school as a stepping stone for a higher education, in which children thirsty for knowledge enroll and get educated by qualified teachers who were once in our positions. I would remember the amazing teachers who taught me and fellow classmates at Chippewa Middle School, and it would be a pleasant memory to remember the good times.

But for now, I’m excited to open more doors as I progress through life.

Leaving Chippewa : The Z to A Countdown Begins!

abccountdownBy: Citlaly

A to Z CountDown Reverse:  For Eighth graders only!

We have 26 days until the 8th graders leave Chippewa and enter Maine West or Maine East. It was one of the most memorable journeys  for each of us. We had some good times at Chippewa. We didn’t even know where the time flew. It felt like it was just a few days ago that we entered 8th grade ,but in reality it’s already the end.

To make the ending of Chippewa more memorable, Chippewa came up with an idea of celebrating our last few days. The idea is to celebrate the last 26 days, and to celebrate these days, everyday we have to follow the alphabet but in backwards order, so it goes from Z to A.
We love you Chippewa!!!

The 8th graders like to celebrate the end of the school year by counting the last 26 days of school and making each day unique..  So here is our countdown for 2016!

Z – Zzzzz, wear pajamas to school– a lot of kids wore pajamas.

Y – Year in Review  (some classes had trivia games reflecting on our year at Chippewa)

X – EXtra recess day (that was today, and it was sooooo cold out, but it was terribly fun anyway!

W – Write a compliment day

V – Virtual Tour Day

U – University Day

T – Twin Day

S – SuperHero Day

R – Red Day

Q – Quiz Day

P – PARCC or Park Day

O – Option Day

N – Neon Day

M – Math Madness Day

L – Lollipop Day

K – Kindness to Mrs. Knoeckl Day (Because she is retiring this year after many years of service in District 62)

J – Jersey Day

I – International Day

H – Hat Day

G – Game Day

F – Finish Missing Work Day

E – Electricity Day

D – Decades Day

C – Chippewa Spirit Day

B – Be ready 4 Promotion Practice

A – Awesome Banquet Day

Is There Justice in War??

An editorial by Angelo S

Do you ever think about war? You’ve probably thought about death, damages, and casualties. When I think about war, I think far and beyond.  Like how many deaths per war,  and Why?  For What?  Is there a different way?

Do we need more territory?   We fight for a reason because say Russia is terrorizing China. We have a treaty with China and we fight Russia.  We expand to other countries and try to set them straight.  There are countries with oil and the next thing you know, another country takes them over just for the oil.  They are taken over with their various types of weapons.

Do we have to go to war for oil?  We can buy and sell.  

Not to be disrespectful to my country or other countries, but  we are both dumb because we make weapons to kill ourselves.  It’s a NO WIN, NO WIN situation, but I don’t have to think about that when I’m peacefully eating a cheeseburger.war vehiclerobosoldier

Scientists use special technology to study . . .

shark2tigershark Pregnant Sharks!!!

By : Dhruti P

Scientists were confused, they could not figure out why so many tiger sharks were coming to an area of water near the Bahamas each year.  The area of water is called Tiger Beach.

Now a team of scientists may have the answer.  They used pictures made from sound waves to figure it out. These are called ultrasound. There was something surprising in the research –  the tiger sharks arriving there were mostly female.  The sharks could be attracted by food tossed into the water by tour operators.  But there were not any males. So maybe the reason the female sharks were there had something to do with having babies.

Scientists used movable, waterproof ultrasound machines that  made the job easier.  The machines use sound waves to make images.  They are lightweight and easy to move. Scientists also have goggles to view images instead of looking at a screen.  Getting the sharks to keep still was difficult. Scientists did not want the sharks to bite a chunk out of the doctor! The behavior was understandable, though.  Sharks are pregnant for 16 months, after all.

Scientists caught 65 sharks between 2011 and 2014, and 59 were females.  Some were pregnant.  Younger females were also present.  There were no baby sharks.  The area does not have much food for sharks to eat.  The water is warm and mostly calm, however. Scientists think the warm water helps the babies grow inside the mothers.

The waters are in a special area where fishing can be controlled.  Because of this, scientists believe their work might show how efforts to protect the tiger sharks have helped. Many shark groups are getting smaller in the Atlantic.  The tiger shark groups seem to be getting bigger, so Tiger Beach might be helping them.

Attention Passengers!

hyperloop1Hyperloop2California Dreaming: Hyperloop trip from L.A to San Francisco takes only 30 minutes!

Imagine paying $20 and sitting down inside a Space Age train in Los Angeles.  About half an hour later, you see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. That same drive now takes about six hours – without bad California traffic.  That flight takes about 90 minutes, after you have gotten to and through the airports.

Los Angeles billionaire Elon Musk thinks the super-fast trip is possible. Musk has already made electric cars cool.  He has revolutionized how people pay for things online.  He changed spaceflight missions for NASA.  Now he is taking on California’s public transportation system.

Musk showed off the design of his Hyperloop. It is a $6 billion high-speed transportation system powered by the sun. The line would travel up to 760 miles per hour, Musk said. Car “capsules” would hold 28 people each.  Passengers would feel like they were on an airplane.

Well, it seems like a pretty good idea for transportation, but there are some obstacles in Musk’s way.

Problem number one: California is already trying to build its own bullet train.  It would cost $68 billion.  Musk said 7.4 million people could take the Hyperloop a year.

Problem number two: The California bullet train planners expect many more riders. They see at least 20 million a year. But outside experts don’t agree. They doubt that a lot of drivers or airline passengers will be attracted to the bullet train.

Last but not the least, problem number three: Musk would be building the project across earthquake zones.  He would have to protect environmental areas and animals.  He would have to avoid hurting businesses and communities.

If Musk clears all these questions out of his way, he would be able to build a cheap and fast transportation technology, which I think is a really good idea. So keep your fingers crossed!!!

Ready, Set, Mush! The Iditarod Begins

iditarodBy Dhruti P

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is an annual long-distance sled dog race run in early March, from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska.  Mushers and a team of 16 dogs, of which at least 6 must be on the towline at the finish line, cover the distance in 915 days or more.

Eighty-five mushers have set off to conquer the toughest terrain this nation has to offer, vying to become the first to reach Alaska’s western coast with their sled dog teams.

Scott Janssen, an undertaker from Anchorage who is known as the Mushing Mortician, was the first to leave across Willow Lake in the staggered start on March 6.

This wonderful race shows a musher the “Beauty and The Beast” of the state of Alaska. The mushers will have 12-15 stops during their trip.  This race shows the bonding of a musher and his/her 16 Alaskan Huskies. The mushers are deeply connected to their Huskies, as if they are their own family members.

So the race has begun, and may the best musher win!

When Astronauts Go To Mars in 20 Years, Where Will They Land?

mars landingA hot topic is going on at NASA:  scientists are worried about where the landing spot will be when astronauts land there 20 years from now. The question is  a pretty difficult one, but not to worry, nothing is impossible for NASA scientists.

In a recent meeting, scientists discussed and argued about this topic. They have come up with many ideas.  Some scientists believe astronauts should land in an area that Mars rovers have already explored.  It could be dangerous to land in an unmapped area.  Others think astronauts should land in one of several less-known parts of the planet; that the crew should land somewhere likely to have more water, since the chance of finding life would be the highest in those areas.

Both of them are right in their own way.  This really is a tough questions for scientists.  In the end, the experts haven’t quite agreed on a place to land.  About all they could agree on was that it needs to be studied more.

Scientists will have to pick somewhere to land soon.  After all, 20 years is not much time to prepare for a manned spaceflight to Mars.

By: Dhruti P

Physics Fun!




By Dhruti

On Friday,  March 18th, the 8th graders were treated to an epic program at Chippewa. This program was all about physics – and fun! It was a fast-paced show exploring lights, camera and action! A lot of kids were involved in the show and they were able to spin on rotating disks, make tubes glow and even ride a real hovercraft! We had so much fun we forget we were studying Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion!

A lot of kids got to feel electric shocks!  It was a lot of fun playing with physics.
So, in conclusion, Physics = Fun




Why Does Popcorn Jump and Pop?

popcorn-lovers-dayBy: Dhruti P

Ummmm …That delicious buttery smell, and that popping sound.  Guess what food it is?  Yes, you are absolutely right.  That food is none other than the mighty popcorn. Popcorn is a delicious, quick and light snack.

Every year America consumes around 17 billion quarts of popcorn, and yes, you are right  – that’s a lot of popcorn.  But did you know that the jumping and popping sound of popcorn has a scientific reason behind it?

According to scientists, popcorn has a scientific name: zea mays everta.  It is the only type of corn that actually pops. Popcorn kernels are rounder than other corn.  The seeds are covered in a thin layer, like a shell.

When the kernel gets very hot — above 212 degrees Fahrenheit — the water inside the seeds heats up.  It hits its boiling point.  Then it turns to steam, which is a type of gas. The steam pushes against the sides of the kernel with great pressure.  Then it gets hotter.  Pretty soon, the shell cannot take the pressure and it explodes.

The kernel turns into the white flake of popcorn that you eat. After it pops, the fluffy corn is much bigger and lighter than the kernel was. The popping sounds comes from the water vapors inside the kernel.

So, the next time when you eat popcorn, remember that there is a lot of science behind that small popcorn.  

5 Failed Products You Probably Had No Intention of Buying But Will Laugh At Anyway

By: Zehra D


-Such style       – Such comfort       – Such heels     – Much walkable       – No

urinal teahot pantsonly pukeegg cuber

Well, maybe it’s a health tea? No?







This may have been in style 50 years ago, but now,   just . . . no.









This product has clearly been named by someone who doesn’t speak English.

They probably should have looked up if the name means anything else before they named it  . . . Oh my gosh!








Well, things are really looking downhill for human minds of today, right?

Do You Like To Sing?

musicallyBy: Citlaly C

Have you ever wanted to do karaoke on your phone without lyrics?

Have you ever heard of  Musically?  It’s an app where you get to sing songs without sounding bad, and being able to express how you feel without actually singing.  It is mostly for teenagers because they are mostly the people that tell their friends.  This app is for Apple and Android so any smartphone can use it.

This app is very fun and  people can like your videos. It is similar to Instagram and facebook because people get to see your videos. You can also get featured and that is when everyone has a chance to see your video.

Love In A Lunch Box!

pirate_bentoBento boxes are very traditional in Japan.  It is something that they regularly do in some countries, especially in Asia. A bento box is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. The word, “bento” is the Japanese term for “lunch,” which is why they call it bento box.  A traditional bento box holds rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box shaped container. Today, they are even considered  an art form admired around the world.

For most Japanese mothers, lunch is not just a simple preparation for their loved ones. They like spending their time being creative by doing designs with their bento boxes, such as cartoon characters, animal faces, and so on.  In some places, they set up a contest for creating bento boxes in the most creative way. However, for most people, especially Japanese mothers, it’s not about the competition.  It’s about the love and effort they put into the bento box for their loved ones to appreciate and enjoy ^_^