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How Many Of you Have Seen A Beluga Whale?

By Diamond E The 6th graders  went to the Shedd Aquarium on Thursday, January  12th. We all took buses to the museum. We got to sit with our friends and our teacher.  Everyone had to bring a sack ...

March 14

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Go Cubs Go!

Go Cubs Go!

By: Post Sportsfan Reporters Well, we're back in it people! Yesterday, our Cubbies tied up the NLCS series at 2 games apiece! Lots of 7th grade Chippewaians are representing with Cubbie-blue today! We'll all be...

October 20

  • Did You Know We Have A Chicago Marathon Winner Here At School? October 11
  • Bump! Set! Spike! February 11
  • Hot Shot: The Man Who Invented Basketball January 20

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Opinion: Fake News and Why it is Bad

By Prenstin S, Special Feature Reporter Have you ever been scrolling through the internet and an interesting news story catches your eye? Most likely, it's fake news. Fake news websites have be...

March 3

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